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Shenzhen Shinelong Technology Corp., Ltd.

LED vapor tight lights, LED panel lights, LED linear lights, LED tubes

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    Building A1, No. 49, Baolong 2nd Road, Nanyue Community, Longgang St., Longgang, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
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Company Profile
Shinelong Technology manufactures a distinctive range of commercial and industrial lighting products including LED vapor tight lights, LED panel lights, LED linear lights and LED tubes. Shinelong is dedicated to delivering the industry's most advanced, sustainable lighting products which are rigorously engineered to provide reliable efficiency and dependable performance. Ever since Shinelong introduced its first LED tube in 2010, Shinelong's trusted design and construction of LED lights differentiate itself from the competition. The company's continued growth and high levels of customer satisfaction stand as proof of its philosophy of offering cost-effective lighting solutions without sacrificing on quality or service.

Shinelong's quality line of lighting products combine design, innovation and energy efficiency. The company's industrial grade vapor tight fixtures have been specifically designed to provide a high level of protection for the state-of-the-art LED circuitry housed within. The innovative weatherproof luminaires offer a rugged and durable solution for demanding industrial and utility lighting applications, e.g., cold storage facilities, parking garages, stairwells, supermarkets, car washes, and environments where weathering, high temperature, humidity and dust are of paramount concern. Shinelong's another line of flagship products, T8 LED tubes, provide an impressive luminous efficacy with convenient fixture replacements. The LED panel lights by Shinelong provide for a great replacement for old fluorescent fixtures that will upgrade any offices, educational facilities as well as commercial buildings to a modern contemporary look.

With an unwavering commitment to setting trends in terms of design, technology, reliability and economy, Shinelong built a platform to fulfill its customers' ambitions. The company's fully-equipped, ISO 9001 certified manufacturing facility offers a suite of capabilities to design, engineer, and manufacture its product in-house. Shinelong's norm compliant products are UL, CE, DLC, SAA and RoHS certified and underlined by the manufacturer's warranty of 5 years.
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